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FAQ for Out-Call Massages Sessions   
How do I prepare my home or office for an on-site massage?  
Facility Requirements  
Your therapist will need adequate space for the equipment.  Ideally we need a 10x10 space, free of any furniture or fixtures.  In addition, we need access to a minimum of one electrical outlet.   
We recommend that you have a quiet, calm environment for the session.  
To ensure the safety of our therapists, all pets (dogs, cats, birds, etc.) must be secured outside of the area where the therapist will be working.  The pets must remain secured during the entirety of the session (including setup and breakdown).  
How long will the entire appointment take?  
It is important to allocate enough time for your massage appointment.   The therapist needs time to setup and remove the equipment, and this time is NOT included in your massage.  
Please use thefollowing guidelines:   
60 minute massage – 1 ½ hours 
90 minute massage – 2 hours   
How much time will the therapist spend actually giving me a massage?  
Your massage will last approximately 55 minutes for a 60 minute session, and 85 minutes for a 90 minute session.   Following the session, we like to give the client 5-10 minutes to relax before the therapist must begin preparing to leave for their next appointment.
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