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About our Founder  
Kevin Elliott, founder of Home Spa Massage, has a vision of creating a massage experience for his clients that supports physical, emotional and spiritual healing.   
“Massage is not just a service that can be ordered like fast-food.  To me it is a calling, and the true massage therapist must have the time and energy to make an emotional and spiritual connection with their client.” --- Kevin Elliott, 2010   
As a new therapist in 2005, Kevin began his career working in Spa Nordstrom, an elite spa experience for some of the most affluent clients in the Houston area.  This offered him the opportunity to gain a wide variety of experience, including Middle Eastern healing techniques, body wraps, Dual Abhyanga Massage, Energy Healing Massage and many others.   
Moving on in his career, he had the opportunity to provide massage therapy services to over 1500 clients every year.  Unfortunately, Kevin found that the fast pace of the chain massage industry prevented the healing connection between the client and their therapist.  This revelation was the onus that impelled him to found Home Spa Massage.  
We are conveniently located inside Sammy's Salon and Suites, 20669 West Lake Houston Parkway Suite L   in Humble, Texas.
We offer online booking, or you may call us directly for appointments (832.329.0036)

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